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Magiline Pools Cambodia are the sole distributors for this unique swimming pools concept, magiline pools have 20 years of inovation behind them and have installed 40000 swimming pools world wide. Your new Magiline swimming pool has a total of 87 world wide patents; This means 87 unique features that no one else can copy. there are so many benefits to your Magiline pool that to list them all would be too much, so here are just a few of them.

FX Filtration: an exclusive patented pool filtration system

Our exclusive system combines performance, economy, simplicity and aesthetics. Magiline offers filtration finesse of 15mm, limiting the use of chemical products (against 45 microns for a traditional filtration system, with a sand filter). Another key advantage: better movement of the water and Filtered water, changed 3 to 5 times faster

FX PERFECT’filtre : an innovation from Piscines Magiline

Thanks to this innovation, the volume of water regenerated by your filtration system is many times that of a conventional system of the same power: your system filters up to 20m3 of water per hour using a pump delivering a flow of less than 5m3/hour.

Pools LED Spotlights

Traditionally lit by incandescent spotlights, pools are evolving with new technologies! That is why, Magiline Pools has opted for Neolight white LED spotlights (LED: Light Emitting Diode). As an optional, Neolight colour allows you to program up to 11 colours and 7 programs in your swimming pool.

Pools Safety Cover

(standard NF P 90 308) (automatic roll out cover, covers with rods, safety covers or nets set above the borders, etc.) secures your swimming pool and protects the water in your pool.

Pools Maintenance Tools

The selection of a pool cleaning robot is crucial for the cleanliness of the water, it is quite simply essential for a dip in the best conditions. It will save you from having to get out your skimmer net and above all, it will be much more effective than you. In addition to the surface of the water, a pool cleaning robot will clean dirt on the walls as well as the bottom of your pool.

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