DSPA Fixed Extinguishing System

DSPA Portable Fire Extinguishing Unit

DSPA Standalone Fire Extinguisher

The benefit of using DSPA

100% Efficiency, 15 years touch free shelf life
suitable for all classes of fire (A, B, C, F, E)
quick extinguishing & heat reduction
keeps the oxygen content in the room intact, not deplete oxygen
non-toxic, non-corrosive materials, is environmentally friendly
does not create an increase of pressure in the room to be extinguished
zero damage to sensitive equipment after extinguished, good for Server Room, electrical rooms
very cost effective compared to FM200 – cheaper than any system currently available
no pipe work or manifolds/nozzles, no bulky cylinder storage, does not need storage room
is maintenance-free for 5 years
can be applied for early stage fires as well for advanced fires, reduces the fire seat temperature

Standard approval:

CEN/TR 15276-1:2009
CEN = European Committee for Standardization. Fixed firefighting systems. Condensed aerosol extinguishing systems. Requirements and test methods for components
BRL –K23001/04:2010
KIWA International Guideline: Evaluation Guideline for aerosol fire extinguishing. Kiwa is an independent highly qualified organization having certification as its core business
UL-2775: 2008
UL = Underwriters Laboratories (North America). Fixed Condensed Aerosol Extinguishing System Units

NFPA 2010:2006 for installation, inspection, and maintenance.
Standard for Fixed Aerosol Fire Extinguishing System

DEG is a pioneering company for fire protection system in Cambodia including Fire Extinguisher System, Fire Suppression, Fire Extinguisher Ball for Server Room and offers leading edge innovation Fire Extinguisher generators from DSPA Netherland, which can be used for Fire Suppression as well as Fire Extinguisher purpose. We strive to provide cost-effective, quality and reliable products to combat fire to protect life and property. DSPA is used all over the world by government fire department (fire brigade), firefighter and various industries. DSPA can replace FM200, Inergen (inert gas), HFC-227ea, CO2, ABC Dry Powder fire extinguisher & other fire suppression products. Unlike FM200 and other fire suppression products, the systems developed by DSPA can be applied for all classes of fire (A, B, C, F, E) and are suitable for early stage fires as well as for advanced fires. The systems can be linked so that large spaces can be protected preventively.